Benefits of Standing on Learning & Health

  1. The average U.S. student spends 75% of the school day sitting (1)
    • Slows metabolism
    • Promotes poor posture
    • Lack of movement impedes learning
  2. 2.4 million U.S. children age 6-11 have been diagnosed with ADHD (2)
    • Causes fidgeting, feeling constrained when sitting
    • Causes difficulty maintaining focus and concentration
    • Makes student more prone to classroom disruptions
  3. Learning Benefits From Standing (3)(4)(5)
    • 5% improvement on test scores
    • Better focus and 15% increase in teacher engagement
    • Non-disruptive outlet for fidgeting with reduced disruptions
  4. Health Benefits From Standing (6)
    • Up to 35% increased calorie burn
    • 5% reduction in BMI percentile
    • Improved blood flow – increased oxygen and nutrients to brain
    • Improved posture


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